Mercy Values Positive Behaviour For Learning

The school has tied together the various aspects of our Pastoral Care and Discipline Policy into one Behaviour Plan.

We call this plan Mercy Values, Positive Behaviour for Learning

In our plan we also have a Matrix of Expected Behaviours which we share with the students so that they know what our expectations are as well as a behaviour flow chart which the teachers and executive will follow when dealing with students who make poor choices.

The plan also has a “Gotcha” Mercy Action award section. We reward students who make good choices through awards called “Gotchas”. When the students receive a “Gotcha” they put it in one of two post-boxes that are placed in the infants and primary areas of the school. These “Gotchas” are counted and noted on COMPASS. Students will be rewarded and acknowledged in various ways dependent upon the number of “Gotchas” they receive as well as random raffle draws on Monday morning Assemblies.

I Learn           I Care          I am Respectful


At St Joseph’s every day is a Mercy day

We show Mercy values in the way we greet, treat and speak to others respectfully

We show Mercy values by our words and action

We show Mercy values by using our gifts to serve others as Christ showed us

Matrix of Expected Behaviour