Learning Technology

BYOD Stage 3

A BYOD model provides students with access to 1:1 technology and fits with contemporary learning and the development of 21st century skills. These skills include self-regulation, communication, critical thinking, collaboration, problem solving and creative thinking.

  • Devices are not the only tool to teach these skills, but they certainly help build these skills in students
  • It assists with the development of digital literacy, digital fluency, and digital citizenship
  • Allows us to move forward in meeting the needs of our learners and curriculum requirements for IT

Aims of the BYOD program

  • To allow students to use an approved device to access the School wireless network for educational purposes
  • To enable students to use technology to further their learning in structured lessons and independently at home
  • To enable students to develop skills and behaviours reflective of responsible digital citizens
  • To harness student connectivity to personal devices for the purpose of developing 21st century teaching and learning skills and for fostering digital literacy, fluency and social responsibility in a safe environment
  • To ensure the smart, safe and responsible use of devices at St Joseph’s Primary School.