Transition Program

Starting school is an important and exciting time for families and their children.

Starting school is an exciting and at times somewhat overwhelming time in a child and families life. A child’s transition to school starts well before and extends long after the child’s first day. A successful transition to school can depend on a variety of factors: child’s temperament and personality, parent’s attitudes to school and education and the accessibility and quality of local services in the community. 

The St Joseph Transition to School Program aims to connect students and their families with the St Joseph’s school and parish community. We engage play-based activities to encourage and nurture a positive relationship with school.

Our transition program is dynamic and focused on meeting the needs of the incoming students. It is based on current research. We work in partnership with families to ensure the children’s continued learning and development in school is enhanced.

Traditionally school readiness was largely determined by the child’s age or skill set.  As a result of current research, the focus has shifted to the importance of relationships and the early years of child development.  It is recognised that a child’s readiness for school be considered within the broader context i.e. is everybody ‘school ready’- the child, the family, the school, the community and other services? St Joseph’s is a Kidsmatter School. Kidsmatter offers a variety of resources that can assist parents with transition to school.

At St Joseph’s we start our Transition Program during Term 3 of the year before school. The program is run over 5 sessions where the child is able to start their journey into school with a variety of experiences that are thematic and play-based. We offer parent sessions which support their needs to develop an understanding of the child’s social and emotional development, how to prepare the child for school and the practical strategies to assist with transition and organisational requirements of school.

St Joseph’s has a comprehensive Buddy System. The Year 5 students meet the families and students during the Transition Program. 


These resources are used by St Joseph’s Primary School to guide our strategy for transition to school.

  • Transition to School Position Statement - This statement has been developed as an aspirational document targeted at all concerned with the education, care and wellbeing of young children.
  • Early Childhood Early Invervention (NDIS) - This book is about how the NDIS can help if your child has disability or developmental delay.
  • ECIA NSW Transition to School Resource - a web-based resource designed to assist children with disabilities and their families make the transition to school as smooth and positive as possible.

  • Facilitating Children's Transition to School from families with Complex Support Needs - This report reinforces the importance of the transition to school for children from families with complex support needs.

  • NDIS Information - This book is about how the NDIS can help if your child has disability or developmental delay.

  • NSW Government Transition to School Statement - Its purpose is to assist early childhood educators, parents/carers and primary school teachers to better understand a child and how to support them in their transition from early childhood education to school.